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CANTINE AMASTUOLA - Wein Primitivo 2018 x 6


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Organic red wine, from Primitivo grapes


Primitivo di Amastuola is an organic wine with a deep and luminous ruby ​​red color. The nose is fruity with hints of plum and cinnamon. On the palate it has an impact of volume but fine, rich and balanced with slight hints of berries and spices in the finish. The full-bodied structure of this organic wine makes it suitable for any type of meat: red or white grilled meats but also game, lamb or kid in the oven. A service between 17-18 ° C is recommended.

From the technical sheet:

Variety: Primitivo

Denomination: Protected Geographical Indication Puglia

Production: Organic - IT Certificate BIO BAC 168779

Harvest: Second ten days of September

Breeding: Guyot

Yield per hectare: 70 quintals

Vinification: The grapes are destemmed and softly pressed, through a tube-by-tube system the must is cooled and sent to the winemakers with a maximum capacity of 300 Hl, having equal height and diameter. Fermentation takes place with maceration at controlled temperature for about 3 weeks.

Aging: 18 months partly in oak barrels, partly in medium-sized stainless steel tanks equipped with micro-oxygenation and controlled temperature devices.

Alcohol: 14% vol

Sensory notes:

Color: Deep and bright ruby ​​red
Aroma: The fruity vocation of the grape variety burst with the hints of plum and marasca cherries, with mineral hints and hints of cinnamon.
Taste: Impact of volume but fine, rich and balanced with hints of small berries and spices in the finish.
Service temp .: 17 - 18 ° C

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CANTINE AMASTUOLA - Wein Primitivo 2018 x 6

CANTINE AMASTUOLA - Wein Primitivo 2018 x 6

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