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The company was born over 50 years ago; located inside the Parco del Veio, next to the recent discovery of the oldest Etruscan burial site called the “Leoni Ruggenti” (700 BC), it is originally constituted by an old plot cultivated with vineyard and a cellar carved in the tuff. In the 2000s, Paolo David noted the activity by planting new vineyards and bringing Terre del Veio to the levels of excellence that today distinguish it.

The company has been the daughter of a territory dedicated to viticulture for thousands of years. Situated on the soft slopes of the territory overlooking the ancient Etruscan town of Veio, then the Roman Campaign, has about 12 hectares of vineyard that surround the Cantina, made with the best technology to safeguard the quality of grapes.

Although the wine covers the main production of the farm our lands offer other valuable products such as the oil and honey of our bees. The company also offers with its scenarios and typicality, among cellars, vineyards and farm animals, a relaxing break in contact with nature a few steps from the Capital.

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