Are you the owner of a shop or an online store and want to explore a new sales channel?

Or you want to find an efficient and easy way to sell your product directly to consumers

In our MARKETPLACE you will find everything you need to start and manage your online sales for free.

"Why sell online through a marketplace"

Market research reports very interesting data regarding the consumption habits of online buyers: people tend to search for products first on marketplaces (38%), then on retailer sites (29%) and finally on search engines (15%) .

Obviously we are talking about research aimed at purchasing and not information research on the product: in fact, the consumer who searches on marketplaces is a user with a strong intention to buy and close to closing his action.

The marketplace model offers numerous advantages over traditional distribution and direct distribution, in fact online marketplaces interfere with the traditional retail model by replacing it with a more direct relationship between buyer and seller.

Furthermore, the presence on marketplaces, which grow faster than ecommerce, strengthens the brand, captures more customers and produces more sales.

Optimized for growth

The marketplace is a website that groups the articles of different sellers and / or different "online shops", not to be confused with private e-commerce.

The sale on the marketplaces is a performance sale, that is, you pay a commission for each sale made and successful. The commissions that are paid are various on the value of the product, but on the other hand there are no site or server management costs, and in addition you enjoy the visibility of the marketplace you rely on.

Selling directly from the marketplaces

You have the opportunity to have greater potential revenues;

Greater speed to launch on the market;

You exploit the skills of successful sellers, or enjoy the global success of the marketplace;

New customers are acquired by capitalizing on existing traffic;

Low costs in research and development;

Performance selling: if you don't sell you don't pay commissions.

The sales processes within the marketplaces are essentially these:

The buyer purchases the product on the marketplace directly from the Seller / supplier

The Seller / supplier sends the goods directly to the buyer without passing through the Marketplace.

Depending on the marketplace, the Seller / supplier pays the marketplace through a monthly invoice or a deduction on the amount collected. In any case, the Seller / supplier is always responsible for the goods he sells.

There are various sales categories on the marketplaces.

It sells directly to thousands of marketplace users.


When the published product is sold, the MyStore016 Manager communicates the order to the Supplier and sends the money to his online account.

When we transfer the money from the sale to the seller, Mystore016, it retains the sales commission agreed and signed during the subscription of the service. The commission percentage also includes the transaction fees of the payment via PayPal on the total order value. (3.4% + 0.35 fixed fee)


Furniture & Complements 15%
Art & Image 15%
Car & Accessories 15%
Bike & Accessories 15%
Home In & Out 15%
Computers & Accessories 8%
Large and small household appliances 10%
Electronics & Accessories 8%
Herbal Medicine & Supplements 8%
Aesthetics & Beauty 10%
Fashion & Accessories 15%
Food & Drink 8%
Jewelry & Watches 15%
Lighting 15%
Childhood & Toys 10%
Underwear & Outfit 10%
Books & Stationery 15%
Motorcycle & Accessories 15%
Music & Instruments 10%
Nautical & Fishing 15%
Optics & Photography 15%
Leather goods & Accessories 15%
Pet & Care 10%
Perfumes & Cosmetics 10%
Gift & Objects 15%
Health & Wellness 10%
Sports & accessories 15%
Telephony & Accessories 8%
Office & Shop 10%

Fixed order closing fee: Euro 1.50

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