After registering, you will receive the PASSWORD to enter the "Personal Control Panel"

To exceed, you must enter the site and click at the top right on Login (1)

The login form will open. Enter the e-mail address (1) with which you registered and the password (2) that was sent to you by the platform manager and log in (3).

Enter your login credentials, your Account Panel appears. To enter your shop, click on My Seller Account (1)

You will enter your "Control Panel" where you will find all the tools for the sale and management of your store within the platform

ATTENTION: We remind you that all accesses and all movements within the control panel are monitored and recorded in the memory.

To load products from your control panel, click on Products (1)

To add a product click on Add new (1)

And here is the module for uploading products to the platform. Among the first items, product information.

We begin to insert the product. Being a single product, we leave on Standard Product (1) and put the check on Simple Product (2), the Product Name, always preceded by the brand name (3) the Reference code or product (4) the Description of the product (5). Finally add the sale price (6) as shown in fig.

Complete the information sheet by ticking the Destination Category (1) of the product and the Main Category (2), enter the Brand (3) and Send (4)

After filling in the various items and clicking on Send, the panel for inserting the product images will always appear in the same form at the top. Click on the camera icon (1) to insert the photos.

The folder where you saved the product images will open, select (1) and click on open (2)

The image is loaded. If you upload multiple images, you can decide which image will be the cover image. Select it, check the cover image (1) and save the settings (2)

Click on Save (1)

If the product has combinations, such as color, check Product with combinations (1).

You will notice that where the item was, The quantities, now the item, Combinations (2) appears, click on it to open the module of the present combinations.

Attention, if any combination entry is missing, contact the manager to have it inserted

This is the combination module.

Here are the sizes, the numbers of the fits, the colors and other items inserted according to the needs of the sector by the various sellers.

Let's see how to insert the colors. The product is of 2 variants ... red and black. Check (1) on the red and black color and click on generate (2)

This is what the module looks like after generation. Enter the quantity (1) of availability per product and check the primary product (2) in online viewing and save

Let's move on to shipments.

It is important to enter the dimensions of the packaging and the weight of the product. By adding the dimensions of the 3 sides (1), we can calculate the volume weight which must be divided by 5000. If the product weighs 2 kg. and the calculation of the P.V. is 5 kg. under weight, the latter must be entered. This is to avoid repayments out of your own pocket at the time of billing

of the courier to the manager. Leave the delivery times tick (2) unchanged. If, on the other hand, the product needs to be ordered at the time of the order and it takes several days from the order, to arrival and delivery, enter the days (3)

For shipments, our affiliated national and international couriers are present in the form. To use them, check. The cost of shipping is all automatic, because it refers to the weight of the product, so only the ticks (1) and save

If you want to add your partner courier, from the control panel, click on carriers (1).

Click on add new (1)

And enter the carrier data. Attention it is important to put the name of the seller (1) next to the name of the carrier, in order not to create confusion between the seller of the use of the same shipper.

At the end of the procedure, this is how the inserted courier looks like (1)

Here the forwarder decision-making tick (1) to be used in your seller account.

It is not necessary to enter the courier yourself, but you can already find it in the shipping form, if at the time of registration you enter the name of the shipper with related costs per weight range.

This is how the shipping forms appear on the product page. Shipping Italy (1) and Foreign Shipping (2).

Let's move on to prices or rather how to create the discount on the imposed sale price. Click on Add a specific price (1)

This form opens. You can decide the period of the discount, only on a combination and more.

You can indicate the discount as a percentage or in euros (1). It is important to leave the tick (2) active on the initial price and enter the change on the price, click on apply (3) and save

We conclude with the options, deciding to inform the user about the conditions (1) of the product, indicating whether it is new, used or refurbished, making it visible online by ticking (2) and saving

Finally we return to basic settings, enable the module on the SI (1), save and click on preview (2)

This is what the product published online looks like within your product category

And here is what the product published on the web looks like after processing by the manager's technical staff

ATTENTION: All products are self-selected on the various pages. If new, they already come out with the word "new".