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Registered office: Pere Toshev Street 2/a - 2800 Sandanski - Blagoevgrad  ( Bulgaria ) - n° Ivat BG204465696.

Within the domain https:// carries out online sales of products published and supplied bySellers/suppliers, that through the registration and acceptance of a use and purchase/sales agreement with thePlatform Manager, have activated a self-managed and personalized e-shop on the platform.

The sales formula adopted by the platformMarketplaceAnd theDropshipping.


Marketplaces are the digital equivalent of shopping centers, rmaking the interaction between customers and suppliers much more comfortable and simple, as they act as a "showcase" in which many products and services are presented.
These platforms generally provide the supplier with everything needed for sales: product sheets, analysis tools, technical support, advertising and so on.
Depending on the type of offer, the marketplaces may vary in Product marketplaces like MyStore016 and Service marketplaces.
The correct functioning of a marketplace does not only depend on the sellers and buyers found there. There are dozens of agents that enter into the process: the marketplace itself, the logistics and delivery companies, the payment channel that allows you to automate checkout, and so on.
A marketplace is a website that allows sellers and buyers to interact to carry out a commercial transaction.
In this type of platform, the two parties remain within the technical and commercial environment of the sector until payment has been made.
Therefore the function of these "virtual shopping centers" is to facilitate sales and ensure that the transaction takes place in optimal conditions.
Clearly it is also a tool that offers excellent guarantees of reliability.


Dropshipping is a form of online sales that allows an E-commerce Platform Manager to offer products that it does not physically have in stock.
Here's how it works:The Platform Manager (called Marketer) offers some products in its online shop. When a customer orders one of these products, the Supplier/seller (called Dropshipper) ships them.
Dropshipping is convenient for the Manager and the Seller/supplier, as it allows both parties to focus on the aspects in which they are most comfortable skills;
The Manager can concentrate on customer research and promotion of the site without having to incur significant initial costs.
The Seller/supplier can increase sales thanks to the publication of its products and only take care of supplying and preparing the packaging of the goods sold ready for collection by the Manager's partner shipping company.
Instead, the Buyer has a wide selection of products available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and can easily compare prices.


The Manager collects the end customer's order and the payment for the ordered product via its MARKETPLACE website;
The Seller/supplier simultaneously receives the order with the customer's details, visible from his control panel;
The Seller/supplier prepares, packs and sends the ordered goods to the buyer's address within the established times
The Manager will pay the Seller/supplier the catalog list price of the goods, retaining for itself the portion of the transaction commission from the sales price.


The technical information for the Electronic Catalog on our site must be provided bySeller/supplierWhich can be obtained from the information provided by the official websites of the manufacturers. Among the main notes to be published are thedimensions and weight of the packageIn addition to other product features.


to)TheSeller/supplierGrants the Manager the right to use its Products, images, brands and descriptions for the duration of this agreement. It also undertakes to provide the Platform Manager with the technical specifications necessary for the integration of the Service into the electronic shop;

b) The Supplier will provide the Manager with all images and information, uploading and managing them directly via its electronic warehousewithin the platform by logging into your seller account

c)TheSeller/supplierMay change prices or insert discounts at any time with or without notice.

d)TheSeller/supplierUndertakes to guarantee continuity of service, without prejudice to cases of force majeure (such as, by way of example and not limited todisasters and other natural events, national strikes, etc.), fortuitous circumstances or technical failures, it being understood that in each of the aforementioned casesit will still be taken care ofSeller/supplierInform the Manager promptly and work to restore it as quickly as possibledropshipping service discontinued. TheSeller/supplierUndertakes to keep your electronic ID constantly updated onwarehouse availability.


The Manager undertakes to respect the following obligations, the violation of which this agreement will be considered terminated and the service terminated:

to)Do not pass on the material provided in CSV files to third parties;

b)All material is covered by Copyright, the Manager therefore undertakes to modify the images and texts provided for improvements to the cart;

c)The Manager undertakes not to reduce or discount the retail prices below the prices provided by you.

5) PRICES AND DELIVERY DAYS (for shipping orders)

Prices can be changed, exclusively fromSeller/supplier, at any time, except for orders in progress.

Shipping times for the various products vary between 3 and 15 days, depending on whether the requested item is available in stock or requiresproduction. TheSeller/supplierUndertakes to do everything possible to respect the expected shipping times. Delay can never be consideredreason for canceling an order. In case of lack of the requested item in stock and excessively long production timesil Seller/supplierBefore accepting the release of the payment, he undertakes to promptly communicate the processing date to the customer, deciding by mutual agreement whether to maintain or notthe order is activated.


The Platform Manager communicates toSeller/supplier, by email, the items sold to your Customer, the end user, by forwarding such order and paymentof the order through the PAYPAL system, deducting from the public price the discount quota reserved for him in the contract agreementconsequently theSeller/supplierUndertakes to send the goods to the customer's (end user) address indicated by the Manager in the orderno later than 3 (two) working days from the date of authorization for processing and payment of the goods;


The Seller/Supplier guarantees the shipmentthroughout the Eurozone within the established times and up to a maximum of 30 kg and with a volume weight based on the parameters indicated by your forwarder.

The shipping tracking code is provided by the Seller/supplier to the Manager, who will insert it into the shipping form, changing the status of the order.

Collection from the supplier and delivery to the end customer is carried out with its own partner shipping company.


It will be the responsibility of the Seller/supplier to ensure that the End Customer verifies the integrity of the package and its possible acceptance of the
delivery with reserve. The Manager will support the Seller in the relationship with the Final Customer in cases relating to Withdrawal, Complaints and
Guarantees, provided that the same relationship is governed by the rules contained in Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (Consumer Code).
Products considered non-compliant, non-functioning or defective must be replaced only following an examination by the Manager
Defects and non-conformities must be proven by sending photographs to the Seller/supplier's customer service via e-mail or chat and endorsed
to the Manager. The contested products must be returned to the Seller/supplier at the latter's expense.


With each order, theSeller/supplierIssues to the Manager an invoice for the product with the discount reserved for him and including VAT. The Platform Manager, at the same time, will issue an invoice to the end customer, of the retail price and including shipping


This agreement has a duration of one (1) year from the date of its signature and will be considered tacitly renewed from year to year, unlessthat a cancellation is sent by one of the parties within 30 days. before the deadline by email

The verification and verification of the improper use of data as well as the violation of obligations will be grounds for termination of the service andtermination of the agreement without notice, without prejudice to the Manager's right to ascertain and dispute any damages.


This agreement will be considered legally terminated pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code. if theSeller/supplierViolates even just one of the obligations envisagedfrom the following agreement.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1353 of the Civil Code, the Manager may also terminate this agreement without notice and with immediate effectif theSeller/supplier:

- is subjected to bankruptcy proceedings or other insolvency proceedings;

- suffers a seizure or other form of restriction on their assets which prejudices this agreement;

- is put into liquidation, voluntarily or compulsorily.

The Manager reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to terminate the Service, or any part thereof, with or without notice.


Upon termination of this agreement, by theSeller/supplierOr the Manager, all rights of theSeller/supplierArising from this agreement, and the supplyof purchases by the Manager, will cease with immediate effect. The ManagerIs also required to delete any data relating to the Dataof theSeller/supplier, in any form and on any medium it has been stored, also eliminating any backup copies


This agreement does not establish any relationship of subordination, dependence or agency between theSeller/supplierAnd the Platform Operator also does not attributethe Manager has no power of representationSeller/supplierOr of the brands that theSeller/supplierdistributes.


TheSeller/supplierCannot hold the Platform Manager responsible for any type of loss or damage, direct or indirect, whatever the cause.

The Manager markets the products on the site, it does not produce or own them. The Manager is not responsible for any incorrect informationprovided bySeller/supplierAnd cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use of the items.


The Platform Managerassumes no responsibility for the opinions and evaluations expressed by its Customers on the Products/Services/Company ofSeller/supplier.


By accepting this Agreement, theSeller/supplierUndertakes to hold the Manager harmless from any claim or request for compensation for damages from third parties, which may arise from the promotion or sale of the Products/Services, substantially and procedurally holding the Manager harmless from any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense , including legal fees, arising from the Transaction


Pursuant to Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196, the Seller acknowledges that the Personal Data communicated and/or exchanged will be processed pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, for the effects and purposes referred to in art. 24, paragraph 1, letter. b) and subsequent amendments and additions. It is understood that the Seller expressly consents to the transfer of Personal Data.


This agreement is governed by law. For anything not expressly provided here, the laws applicable to the relationships and cases provided for in this contract applyThe parties agree that for any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of this agreement the court of Sandanski (Bulgaria) will have exclusive jurisdiction.


  • Activation and Management of Personal E-shop.
  • N° of Carts Products to publish: Unlimited
  • Internal Store Marketplace: 01 - Custom
  • Daily Backup: active
  • Google analytics: active
  • Product subcategory pages: Max 05
  • Dedicated consultant: active upon reservation
  • Variant management: size - color - dimensions - number
  • Integrated review system: activated automatically
  • Receiving payments: PayPal
  • Technical Support: Remote Assistance - chat - telephone
  • Shipping: personal carrier
  • Store self-management panel: active
  • Responsive: si
  • Multilingual: IT - BG - EN - DE
  • Invoicing: Ivat Reverse charge art. 21, par.2 / VAT Law.


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