The use of services by the User through the Mystore016.com Site is exclusively governed by what is described below (hereinafter jointly referred to as the "Conditions").
These Conditions are reported on the Site for User information and their storage and reproduction is allowed.


The Marketplace Shop.MyStore016.com is owned by The Company KGA International LTD - Headquarters legal: Via Pere Toshev 2 / a - 2800 Sandanski - Blagoevgrad - Bulgaria - VAT number BG204465696. (hereinafter “  Manager ").
The Marketplace operates through an online platform that makes available to companies (from now on, Vendor (s) " ) a virtual showcase and services for the sale of its products through digital channels and allows customers (from here on Customer / i ” ) to purchase products supplied by one or more Sellers.
With regard to the Sellers, the activity carried out by the Manager takes concrete form, through the technical tools made available by the Marketplace, in the:
  1. Publication of information pages on the company
    1. Presentation of products for sale and offers
    2. Management of technical systems for the acquisition and management of orders
    3. Online payment management
    4. Customer Service Management
    5. The Client therefore does not establish any direct contractual relationship on the sale of the products. The offers published on the Marketplace MyStore016.com refer to the products of the individual Sellers, to whom the ownership of the contract with the Customer belongs exclusively.


In order to make purchase transactions through the Marketplace, the Customer is required to make a registration that gives him the status of "registered" Customer.
Registration on the Site takes place automatically on the first purchase made. It is sufficient to enter your data in the purchase process and accept these Conditions. The Customer will receive by email instructions for subsequent access to the Site.
The condition of registered customer will allow you to access your user profile and check the status of orders placed at any time.
The Manager, at his discretion, may at any time suspend or cancel the registration on a Client's site.


Registered customers can update and correct the personal information entered during registration at any time.
Customers are responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal data entered while the Manager assumes no responsibility in this regard.
Customers can cancel their registration on the Marketplace at any time.


The information on the products, the conditions of sale and the availability of the products themselves are prepared on the basis of indications, information and instructions provided by the Sellers of the products.
For each product sold on the Marketplace, the name or company name and the data useful for identifying the Seller are indicated.
The Manager, before inserting a new seller on the Marketplace, verifies the existence, effective operation, quality and reliability. In any case, the Manager cannot guarantee the completeness of the content of the information provided by the Seller nor, in particular, of the conformity of what is described with the product actually delivered, as well as the legitimacy of the use by the Seller of the images or distinctive signs of which the Seller has requested publication on the Marketplace.
The Manager however responds to the Customer in the event of failure to identify the Seller as well as failure to verify the existence and operation.
The Manager also notes that the images used are purely indicative and may not faithfully represent the product being sold.


The price of the product being sold is expressed in euros and must be understood as inclusive of any tax and duty that may be upon it.
Likewise, and unless otherwise specified, shipping and delivery costs are not included in the price and are indicated separately.
Since the delivery of the products is managed directly by the Manager, the shipping costs are calculated based on the indications of the individual Seller. They may therefore vary according to the product purchased. In addition, if within the same order there are products offered by different Sellers, the shipping costs indicated by each Seller will be applied to the order. In this case the delivery will take place with different shipments, each managed by the individual Seller.


The purchase and sale agreement with the Seller will be considered completed only after the verification of the successful payment.
In the event that for any reason the payment is unsuccessful (e.g. for lack of coverage, incorrect credit card number or for reaching the credit card limit), the contract will not be deemed valid.
Once the contract with the Seller has been concluded, a copy of the order and the conditions applied will be sent to the Customer and at the same time kept by the Manager in its computer archives.
In any case, the Customer will have access to all the information relating to the order and the conditions applied by accessing the Marketplace with his credentials.


The Operator, despite being unrelated to commercial transactions, provides its Customers with a secure payment system via PayPal by accepting payments via PayPal accounts or credit cards (including prepaid) accepted by PayPal.
The Manager will charge the purchase made on the payment channel used by the customer.
The sums to be debited are blocked at the moment of the conclusion of the purchase process, even if the actual debiting can take place at a later time.
The Customer pays the full amount of the order before it is accepted by the Seller / s. In the event of a delay in the acceptance of the order by the Seller, the Manager will carry out the acceptance reminder through all the contact channels opened with the Seller. In the event that the Seller is unavailable or declares that he does not have the goods purchased, the Manager will contact the Customer to offer him a similar product as an alternative or to reimburse the Customer for the amount paid.
In the event of an abnormal or undue charge, the Customer will be required to notify the Manager, filling in the contact form or contacting the Customer Service department, as soon as he becomes aware of it, so as to allow for appropriate checks.
The Manager will only forward any complaints of irregular transactions to the credit card issuing companies and report the outcome of these complaints to the Customer as soon as received by the issuing company, possibly retaining the sums involved in the contested transaction until the definition of the same or at least until the response by the Seller or the company issuing the credit card that should authorize the re-credit of the amounts subject to the refund or cancellation request.


Under specific contracts signed between the Manager and the Seller, the Manager is authorized by the Seller to collect the sums paid by the Customer for the purchase of the product being sold.
The Customer, in carrying out the purchase operation, implicitly recognizes the above and authorizes the Manager to transfer the sums collected to the Seller.


The Customer has the right to a refund by re-crediting the amounts charged in the following ways and in the times indicated in the following paragraphs:
    1. Failure or incorrect order generation
    2. Non compliant, malfunctioning products or products with an irregular expiration date
    3. Products not delivered within 30 days from the order date
    4. Inability of the Seller to guarantee the availability of the product
    5. Closure of the Seller's commercial activity, even temporarily
The refund request must be sent by contacting the Customer Assistance service using the email address info@mystore016.com as soon as the disservice is found (and in any case within 2 days from delivery of the goods), specifying:
    1. Name and surname and telephone number of the person who placed the order
    2. order number
    3. identification and description of the product for which the refund is requested
    4. reason for complaint
    5. The Manager will carry out the appropriate checks at the Seller and will reply to the Customer within 15 working days.
In case of acknowledgment of the refund, the technical times foreseen by the PayPal circuit for the re-credit of the sums must be added. The Manager has no power to intervene on these times.
In case of partial use of the service, the refund may be in proportion to the service used by the customer.
Refunds will always be made directly on the same payment channel used for the purchase. It is in no way expected that the Manager will make a bank transfer or credit the refund amount on a different card / bank account or in the name of someone else.
The Manager will communicate to the Customer the expected time frames for obtaining a refund.
The Customer is required to check upon receipt of the goods:
  1. The correspondence of the actual number of packages with respect to what is indicated in the transport document;
  2. The integrity of the packaging and in particular that it is not damaged, wet or altered even in the closing materials
  3. Any obvious anomalies in the packaging must be immediately reported to the courier by affixing the wording "Goods control reserve" on the transport document and promptly communicated to Customer Service by sending an email to info@mystore016.com by specifying:
      1. Name and surname of the person who placed the order
      2. order number
      3. the Seller who made the shipment
      4. the courier who made the delivery
      5. the date and time of delivery
      6. the evident damage of the envelope reported
      7. complaints relating to damage attributable to the carrier will not be considered unless previously reported to the courier at the time of delivery.


    Pursuant to art. 59 Legislative Decree 21/2014 - Exceptions to the right of withdrawal - the right of withdrawal is excluded in the following cases:
  • order of products made to measure or clearly personalized;
  • order of Products that are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
  • order of sealed Products that are not suitable for return for hygiene reasons or related to health protection or that have been opened after delivery.
  • With reference to the cases of exclusion of the withdrawal listed above, the Customer, in particular, is informed and accepts that among the Products that "risk to deteriorate or expire rapidly" include all Food Products (including wines, spirits and beverages), as the characteristics and qualities of these types of Products are subject to alteration also as a result of inappropriate storage.
  1. Therefore, for hygiene and customer protection reasons, the right of withdrawal is excluded for products sold on the MarketPlace MyStore016.com.

    11. PRIVACY

    Personal data, voluntarily entered by the customer and necessary for the correct completion of the product purchase and delivery procedures, are processed exclusively in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
    By accessing their account, customers can consult the data provided and modify or delete them.
    For complete information on how personal information is used and protected, you can consult the complete Privacy information.
    At the time of purchase by accepting this document of Terms and Conditions of Use, the Customer also accepts the conditions described in the Privacy Policy.


    As already specified, the Manager does not manage the products being sold in any way.
    The products will be supplied by the Seller, who will be responsible to the Customer for the conformity, accuracy, safety and in general the content and quality of the product.
    The Customer who purchased a product will receive it at his home, or in any case at the delivery address he indicated at the time of purchase. Shipping and delivery of the products is the responsibility of the Seller.
    The Shop.MyStore016.com site is a Marketplace, as such selects and connects Sellers and Customers. For this reason, by ordering from several different Sellers, the Customer will receive the products in multiple shipments (one for each seller from which he ordered). The shipping and delivery conditions defined by the Seller himself will be applied to each shipment.


    The relations between the Manager and the Customers of the Marketplace, including the Registered Customers who have carried out transactions through it, are governed by these Conditions published on the Site itself, and accepted by the Customer at the time of registration or purchase.
    Each transaction is governed, in addition to these Conditions, by the conditions of sale on the Site for each specific product at the time of its purchase by the Customer.
    The Manager reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Conditions with the only restriction that the changes made cannot be retroactive.

    14. SAFETY

    The Manager makes every effort to ensure that his Marketplace is a secure site, but cannot guarantee it at all.
    The Gestore nevertheless undertakes to implement all the policies aimed at guaranteeing the maximum security of its Site and to use all the tools that operate in this sense.
    The Gestore assumes no responsibility for problems (viruses, malware, spyware, etc.) that may be caused by the connection to its site.


    The Gestore reserves the right to remove offers that receive a significant amount of negative feedback from users or otherwise violate Quality standards of the Marketplace.
    However, keep in mind that:
    a) it is the Seller, and not the Gestore , who sells the products.
    b) it is the Seller, and not the Gestore , the party who concludes the contract with the Customer.
    c) is the Seller, and not the Gestore , solely responsible for the supply of the products.
    d) it is the Seller, and not the Gestore , solely responsible for the performance of the guarantees on the products.
    To the extent permitted by law, neither the Gestore nor any of its operators (for any reason), will be held liable for punitive, special losses or damages, indirect or consequential, for no loss of production, profit, income, contract, for:
    (i) the injury or damage to the good name and reputation of the manufacturer
    (ii) due to the inadequacy of the information (descriptive) of the Manufacturer (regarding rates, availability and classification), made available on the Marketplace
    (iii) for products offered by the Manufacturer
    (iv) for damages (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive), for the losses or costs incurred, paid or which have been incurred, following the inability to use or slowness of the website, or otherwise related to its use.


    To the extent permitted by law, these Conditions, as well as the provision of our services, will be regulated and interpreted in accordance with the law.
    For any dispute relating to the interpretation, execution and termination of the contract between the Customer and the Seller, the Court of the place where the Customer has his residence will be competent.

    17. CONTACTS

    You can contact the MyStore016.com Marketplace Customer Service by filling out the contact form on our website at www.MyStore016.com/contacts.
    Alternatively, you can send an email to kgainternational@gmail.com
    The customer assistance service is active from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00 and on Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00.