MyStore016.com is an innovative e-commerce portal that allows local sellers to sell your products online safely and efficiently.


The platform offers more than 42 product categories and multiple subcategories, allowing sellers to publish unlimited products and manage sales and shipments through a personalised management.


The shipment of products is managed directly by the sellers with their partner couriers and available for deliveries throughout the'euro area, ensuring fast and reliable delivery of products to customers.


Payments happen through PayPal, a secure and secure payment method to ensure maximum protection of customer financial data.


The idea at the base of MyStore016.com was developed by the Bulgarian Society K.G.A. International Ltd in collaboration with italian entrepreneurs, and offers the sale of only branded products, of high quality and guaranteed. The platform is the ideal choice for local vendors who want to expand their online business, thanks to the publication of unlimited products and the support of a personalized management.


In addition, MyStore016.com forecast commissions on the value of the product sold, so as to ensure fair gain for sellers and maintaining the quality of products sold on the platform.


In summary, MyStore016.com is a reliable and secure e-commerce portal, with shipments across Europe and secure payments through PayPal.


Thanks to the wide choice of product categories and the publication of unlimited products, MyStore016.com is the ideal choice for local vendors who want to expand their business online, offering high quality products with commissions on the value of the product sold.


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