BARAZZONI - Scale - kitchen mechanics


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The Barazzoni mechanical scale is made entirely of steel. Its design recalls the classic and timeless style of traditional Italian kitchens. The removable stainless steel tray allows you to keep the scale always clean and facilitates washing operations: just a damp cloth for normal cleaning operations (if necessary it is suitable for washing in the dishwasher - eco cycles). The front dial for measurement is unbreakable. It measures up to 5 kg., With subdivisions every 20 g.

Barazzoni looks at the world of food preparation and launches a collection of kitchen scales. A mechanical scale with a retro style, always current, and several digital models: a practical scale with bowl, a round model available in 4 modern patterns and a rectangular model. The range is completed by the digital bathroom scale.

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BARAZZONI - Scale - kitchen mechanics

BARAZZONI - Scale - kitchen mechanics

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