LA MORTELLA - Extra virgin olive oil . 5 liters can


Organic oil

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The farm La Mortella was born in the heart of Cilento, on the green hills of the municipality of Roccadaspide.

The environmental and climatic conditions of the Cilentano territory make the cultivation of olives produce a refined oil with a strong taste and an intense scent. This tradition, handed down for generations, and the experience gained over the years, are now serving the most modern production techniques to obtain a greater quality of the product.

The passion and attention to detail distinguish our company, which extends for an area of 3 hectares with a total of about 1300 plants.

– The pruning of the olives takes place every year in order to facilitate and improve the


– The harvest takes place between October and December, when the olives reached the right degree of ripening. It is then that the fruit offers the best organoleptic qualities, favoring the production of medium or intense fruit oil (according to the different vintages);

– The grinding of olives takes place no later than 24 hours from the harvest.

Their processing is cold (at a temperature never exceeding 27°C). The low temperatures allow to preserve the taste, smell and taste typical of the fruit.

The product that will arrive on your tables will be an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, obtained from the awarding of olives of the varieties: Leccino, Rotondella, Frantoio and Nostrale. The smell shows a hint of fruity, with lively notes barely perceptible to bitter and spicy and with only 0.24 % acidity that make it a unique oil.

The extra virgin olive oil La Mortella is produced exclusively with organic olives of Italian cultivation.

As provided for in the biological regulation, no chemical treatment is used and fertilizers are only of organic origin, thus avoiding soil impoverishment and pollution of groundwater. The agronomic practice used is the subconscious: consisting in the soiling of the favine cultivated in the olive grove.

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LA MORTELLA - Extra virgin olive oil . 5 liters can

LA MORTELLA - Extra virgin olive oil . 5 liters can

Organic oil

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