BARAZZONI - Stainless steel 4 cup coffee maker


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Barazzoni La Caffettiera Inox 4tz

Barazzoni's stainless steel coffee maker holds the great experience of an age-old Italian tradition and is therefore ideal for home preparation of a good coffee.
Totally in stainless steel with polished finish, with black handle and knob, it is of great class. It will become the undisputed protagonist of the daily ritual of coffee, helping to enhance the aroma, aroma and flavor typical of the Italian drink par excellence. The ideal choice for an even more intense pleasure, to be savored on waking up and all day, in solitude or in company. For the taste of an Italian espresso. Suitable for all heat sources, including induction. Tested and approved by coffee experts!

Product certified by the Italian Academy of Coffee Masters.

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BARAZZONI - Stainless steel 4 cup coffee maker

BARAZZONI - Stainless steel 4 cup coffee maker

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