BARAZZONI - Easy Plus Induction pan with detachable handle


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Maximum energy efficiency + detachable handle

Easy Induction is a line of cooking tools in the name of practicality and technology.

Characterized by the special bottom optimized to obtain maximum energy efficiency on induction hobs, it is able to ensure a heating time saving of 65% and a consequent energy saving of 37% compared to a normal aluminum pan. Thanks to its innovative detachable handle, designed by Claudio Bellini, the pans of the Induction Easy line allow you to optimize the space in the kitchen, a requirement that allows them to be easily stored even in small rooms and furnishings. A plus that is both luxury and comfort. The Easy mechanism is very intuitive and practical: it can be hooked and removed using just one hand. In fact, with one hand you can turn the button counterclockwise to release it from the pot. To hang it up it is necessary to insert it in its seat and rotate the button clockwise again. The handle mechanism is safe: once fixed to the pan it is able to guarantee the same performance, characteristics and behavior of a fixed handle. Once the handle has been removed, the pan can also be used in the oven up to 230 °. Its 6-layer Marmotech plus ® coating, extremely resistant, guaranteed for 5 years, allows you to cook without added fats, like on stone. The design: innovative in its simplicity. Were it not so evident it would almost risk disappearing in the face of so much product plus.

Can be used in the oven after removing the handle

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BARAZZONI - Easy Plus Induction pan with detachable handle

BARAZZONI - Easy Plus Induction pan with detachable handle

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