LA PREZIOSA maxi set kitchen pots 6/9 pieces stainless steel 18/10



    La Preziosa maxi pots stainless steel tradition and italian technology


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    Kitchen 6 to 9 pieces. STAINLESS STEEL 18/10

    Additional battery large kitchen with 4 Pz. from fire maxi and 4 lids of which 1 a dome, has been designed for all those who want to enlarge the propio set of pots with the maxi supplement large kitchen to obtain various sizes for every need and style of cooking. Made in Italy stainless steel austenitic Cr-Ni 18/10 – AISI 304, is guarantee of robust pots and functional, practically indestructible and incorruptible material, which guarantees lifespan and perfect hygiene, It is a stainless steel of high degree. The exterior walls i am polished a mirror mirror and the interior i am satin, to preserve them from possible scratches or rowing. The triple bottom capsule thermodiffuser consisting of one layer other high thickness of aluminium 99, 5% (metal with high capacity of accumulation and transmission of heat energy) completely covered by the capsule in stainless steel austenitic Cr-Ni 18/10 with a height of about 15 mm. Covers are solid (thickness mm. 1.2) designed to make it shape of edge fit perfectly with the special groove of the edge of the pot, forming a secure closure. The handles perfectly insulating, which makes the use of the pipes superfluous and excludes any risk of burns. The knob a thermal control is not a simple thermometer, but a sophisticated indicator that reveals the internal temperature without lifting the cover and above all to give very useful indications for a perfect cooking. The set great cucina can be used on all cooking floors.

    Composition set large kitchen 6 Pz. Ø 30 cm.

    01 Pentolacm. Ø 30x24 liters 16,20
    01 Covercm. Ø 30
    01 Casseruolacm. Ø 30x16 liters 11,3
    01 Covercm. Ø 30
    01 Glass/tegamecm. Ø 30x8,5 liters 5,62
    01 Dome cover cm. Ø 30

    Composition set large kitchen 9 Pz.Ø 30 cm.

    01 Pentola cm. Ø 30x24 liters 16,20
    01 Cover cm. Ø 30
    01 Casseruola cm. Ø 30x16 liters 11,3
    01 Cover cm. Ø 30
    01 Oval casket cm. Ø 32X23Xh12 litres 8,00
    01 Oval cover cm. 32
    01 Oval grill cm. 32
    01 Tegame cm. Ø 30x8, 5 liters 5,62
    01 Dome cover cm. Ø 30


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