Olio Doncosimo

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Production and Sale of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Reseller of the Brands: DON COSIMO OIL
Contrada Croce - Tel. +39 328 905 8343 - IT 04578460828 - Caccamo - PALERMO - ITALY

Don Cosimo Olivicoltori since 1891
The Don Cosimo extra virgin olive oil comes from a very short supply chain, being both the olive trees, the mill and bottling within the same company
Our extra virgin olive oil is born in lands that have offered a climate and soil suitable for the cultivation of olive trees for centuries. Our oil comes from healthy olives, not completely ripe and carefully selected to make you savor all the acrid and hard taste of our Sicily, its typical aromas and its enveloping warmth. Thanks to the internal mill we are able to reduce the time between harvesting and milling to a minimum, with considerable advantages from a qualitative point of view.

Try our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and bring our Sicily to the table.
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