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RED - "COMPACT" Pellet boiler 18 kW


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Red Compact pellet boiler for small rooms (basement, storage room, small technical rooms, etc.) with high efficiency and wide operating modulation. Possibility to complete the hydraulic part with 4 different kits according to the needs of the system. Wide range of pellet loading and storage systems (from 200kg to 1600kg). Through the boiler panel it is possible to control the temperatures of the puffer and / or domestic hot water

Type Pellet fuel
Class according to EN303-5 5
Rated heat output to the hearth 18.10 kW
Nominal useful power 17.00 kW
Minimum useful power 3.80 kW
Maximum useful water power 17.00 kW
Nominal efficiency 93.80%
Tank capacity 100.00 lt
Hourly consumption at least 1.00 kg / h
Hourly consumption max 3.60 kg / h
Autonomy at min 68.00 h
Autonomy at max 19.00 h
Heatable volume 418/35 m³
Smoke outlet diameter 10 cm
Weight 200 kg
Recommended draft 10-0.10 Pa-mbar
Smoke temperature 110 ºC
Smoke mass flow rate 12.7 g / s
Boiler water content 25 l
Sanitary flow rate 8.10 l / min

Dimensions: 60 x 66 x H1.24

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RED - "COMPACT" Pellet boiler 18 kW

RED - "COMPACT" Pellet boiler 18 kW

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