CRELISSE • Hair treatment with Fial


Hair treatment with 6 vials of 10ml each. Keratin - Pappa Reale e Anticaduta.

Hair Treatment
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Fiale Capelli Cheratina Pack 6 x 10ml

Each fial restores strength and beauty to weak, thin hair, easy to break. Keratin strengthens and repairs the stem, the nettle extract prevents hair loss, the essential mint oil helps to have healthy and strong hair since it stimulates circulation and causes the hair to receive the correct intake of nutrients. Mint essential oil is also indicated for the care of fat hair and to soothe any itching of the scalp, the menthol keeps in the hair the state of well-being, prevents aging and the consequent fall of the hair, allows the growth of beautiful and strong hair


Fiale Capelli con Pappa Reale Pack 6 x 10ml

Fiale Capelli con Pappa Reale Pack 6 x 10ml The royal jelly is a substance produced by the glandular secretion of the bees and represents one of the richest products of nature in active ingredients. It is a source of both vitamins, including B1,B2,B6, which of free amino acids, important elements that make up the protein chains contained in the hair fiber. Its unique composition, makes the royal jelly a very valuable active ingredient for the well-being of hair. The capillary lotions to the royal jelly are particularly indicated in the treatment of weak and unbalanced hair, as they help to return to the hair its natural body and beauty. They make the hair soft and docile to the comb, already after the first application Noto more commonly as Peperoncino, the Capsico is a genus of plants of the Solanaceae family native to the Americas and then cultivated all over the world. Applied on the scalp helps blood reactivation and a powerful antibacterial and decongestant useful especially in hair loss caused by seborrhea. Menthol keeps in the hair the state of well-being, prevents the aging and subsequent hair loss, allows the growth of beautiful and strong hair


Fiale Capelli Anticaduta Pack 6 x 10ml

Fiale Capelli Anticaduta Pack 6 x 10ml Strawberry extract, Larch extract, camellia extract, thyme essential oils, rosemary, sage, mint, menthol. The nettle extract has an active ingredient that stimulates skin microcirculation and helps heal wounds. It also acts as an antimicrobial and purifying barrier, that is, it has antiseptic properties that prevent the dandruff and leave the hair fresh and clean. Larch extract added to the vials, makes hair shiny. Known as an ornamental plant not everyone knows that Camellia is rich in medicinal and cosmetic properties. From it an effective oil is extracted in fighting fungi and bacteria. The extract of the Camellia flower is very useful as a purifier of the scalp and fights the dandruff. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the essential oil of thyme can be added to the wings for fat or dry hair, since it is able to thoroughly clean the scalp, limiting sebum secretions


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CRELISSE • Hair treatment with Fial

CRELISSE • Hair treatment with Fial

Hair treatment with 6 vials of 10ml each. Keratin - Pappa Reale e Anticaduta.

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